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Category: Class2 (20)

Alphabetically ordered texts   --  Activities for alphabetically ordered texts
Classic Poetry   --  Classical Poems for Children to read
Co-ordinates   --  4 quadrant co-ordinates
Decimal Detective   --  Fun decimal game
Fractions   --  Fractions games for KS2
Fractions, decimals and percenatges   --  Dartboard game
How to draw a face   --  Step by step guide on how to draw a face
Maths activities for all areas of maths   --  Great maths activities for all primary school children.
Maths website   --  Great website for testing knowledge on different aspects of maths
Negative numbers   --  Ordering negative numbers
Numbers games   --  BBC site for big numbers
Percenatges   --  Percentage chains
Percenatges with money   --  Percentages with money
Royal Family Portraits   --  Modern Royal Family Portraits
Tim Pugh artist website   --  Tim Pugh (Welsh environmentalist artist) website
Time games   --  KS2 time games
Time games for KS2   --  Great time games for KS2
Times tables games   --  Times tables games
Tudor Artists   --  Artists during the Tudor period
Tudor Britain   --  Website on Tudor Britain

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